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Ensure your success, reduce your workload, and maintain control by relying on ESI Management Group’s 40+
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ESI Management Group

About Us

Since it’s launch in 1983, ESI Management Group has worked with integrity to assist all types of organizations. Our primary focus is delivering “full service project / event management”. Relying on our expertise, you will free yourself and staff from extra work, event details, logistics, and more so you can focus on your business, further your mission and goals, expand your networks and referral sources, and be prosperous. You’ll enjoy peace-of-mind knowing your project/event is in the hands of professionals, fully under control, and on the success track

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our Expertise


Decrease staff meeting times.
Increase workload efficiency.
Free yourself and others from extra work.
Focus on daily work and progressing your company.
Eliminate time working with multiple contractors.


Enjoy industry discounts.
Avoid hiring, training, and paying additional personnel.
Have immediate access to ESI experts for all related project needs.
Eliminate hidden costs, surprises, and staff burnout.


Control your program and outcomes.
Further your mission, goals, and objectives.
Maximize your exposure & expand referral sources.
Enhance your reputation by presenting a professionally choreographed program/event.
Impact your target audiences with memorable, well-planned programs/events.


Let us make your project take flight!


Reach beyond tradition for innovative and imaginative ways to create unsurpassed outcomes