Detailed information and accreditation criteria will be released after the full program is published.


Just like the ‘color country’ in which this program is being held, you will enjoy and benefit from a very colorful program – full of the latest and upcoming research, practices, policies, debates, and interventions – from prevention to treatment and recovery.
Participation in the full two and a half day program will offer 15 hours in most fields with additional hours available via the pre-conference workshop options.
(6.5 suicide prevention and 9.25 ethics credits will be offered throughout the main 2 1/2 day conference.)

The Utah Division of Professional Licensing (DOPL) and other state licensing agencies do NOT require pre-approval of educational programs. This is an extra service offered for your convenience by the Utah Fall Conference on Substance Use. When renewing licenses, most disciplines require your proof of attendance at educational program(s) pertinent to your field. If you have specific questions related to this process and/or your individual license, you may contact Utah’s DOPL or the corresponding agency in your state as well as your professional association(s).


If you would like to receive a certificate for your records, simply check that box when you register for the conference. Then, upon completion and evaluation of this program, including the specific training sessions you attend, your hours will be verified, recorded, and processed along with your certificate which will be emailed to you. You are welcome to use this certificate for verification of attendance for employers, accrediting and/or licensing organizations, and others. You can also order this document later should you not register for one now and later change your mind.

Approval by any of the listed organizations does not imply their endorsement of any speaker, sponsor, ineligible company, program content, publication, or research. The same holds true for conference partners, planners, organizers, and other parties involved with this event.