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This presentation will be a TED-style talk introducing the concepts of precision medicine as it applies to psychiatry and mental illness research. Challenges to developing precision psychiatry approaches will be discussed as well as approaches from computational and data science that are designed to address these challenges. The talk will focus on recent research advances by the de Lacy laboratory at the University of Utah to develop ways to predict individual cases of major mental illnesses in youth and advance our understanding of mental illness in youth using artificial intelligence and machine learning. Attendees will develop a better understanding of:

– Precision medicine and psychiatry
– How new approaches from AI and machine learning can help us understanding how mental illnesses develop in youth
– Preliminary advances in identifying the major risk predictors of mental illnesses in youth
– Features of our current mental illness classification scheme (ie nosology)
– How AI can refine our understanding of mental illness nosology

Once you have heard from this presenter, you will be able to:

1) Explain the concepts of precision mental health; and,
2) Explain how computational and AI approaches can advance our understanding of the risk drivers of youth mental illness that may ultimately lead to more targeted interventions

*Submission of the conference evaluation form indicates your completion of the entire program.

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