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“Diversity”, “Inclusion”, and “Cross-cultural Competency” may be buzzwords, but they are also critically important considerations for all of us. One of the most often overlooked aspects of diversity, however, is neurodiversity, and for those professionals working with people with neurodiversities the opportunities to gain insight into the lived experience of the actual neuro-divergent individual are rare. Neurodiversities are life-long conditions; not something that is “outgrown”. But what is it like to go through life with a differently wired brain? Join the autistic BCBA, Jared Steward, as he combines his personal and professional experiences with current research findings to provide an entertaining and educational window on the development, characteristics, challenges, and strengths of ASD and related neurodiversities such as ADHD and LD throughout the lifespan. What is it like to be a neurodivergent child? A teen? An adult? What can be expected in old age? What is known about the common experiences of family members, siblings, and spouses? And how can we all best work together to maximize the possibilities for growth in every “season” of development?

After attending this session, you will be able to;

1) Increase your awareness of neurodiversities at various stages of development with an emphasis on strengths and the appreciation of neurodiversity; and,
2) Learn ways to support and interface with neurodiverse individuals in positive ways without limiting them because of their diagnostic “labels”.

*Submission of the conference evaluation form indicates your completion of the entire program.

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