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Family therapy can be like conducting an orchestra, sometimes a rock band. The therapist needs to listen to the “music”, and lead the “musicians” to play harmoniously together. While most often the child or teenager is the identified patient, they’re not usually “soloists”, and research shows that they should be understood and treated within the context of their families. Often the presenting issue (concerns around safety, behavioral health problems, or communication breakdowns) is the tip of the iceberg, and beneath the surface are longstanding patterns that go back for generations. This presentation will show how therapists can guide parents and teens to understand their problematic patterns, where they came from, how they were once (but no longer) adaptive, and mobilize their will to change (Interpersonal Reconstructive Therapy, or IRT model). We will also learn about short term, evidence based interventions from DBT and Solution Focused models.

As a result of participating in this breakout, you will be able to:

1) Develop interviewing skills that can be used in family therapy to illuminate problematic patterns, where they cam from, and what they are for, so that it’s possible to mobilize change within children and teens, and their families; then,
2) Learn how to select and implement solution focused and DBT interventions to facilitate positive changes within patients and families.

*Submission of the conference evaluation form indicates your completion of the entire program.

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